Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordzzle Week 122: Short fiction about teenagers

Today I am participating in a weekly meme called Wordzzle, hosted by Views from Raven's Nest . The task is to take a list of unrelated words and create a short paragraph that encorporates them all.

This week's list: gradual, eagle's nest, martyrdom, pizza, pugilist

The greasy, unkempt teenager took gradual, purposeful strides into the Eagle's Nest, the local kids' hangout. No hurry; she knew her predictable and popular younger sister would be congregating here after tonight's football game. Shooting slow, poisonous glances at the cheerleaders and jocks, her eyes finally landed on the object of her recent hostility. Like a pugilist, she backed the girl into a corner and assumed a wide stance. “Why did you tell Mrs. Bowman that I cheated on my chem final?” she growled. “I'll probably fail the class and have to take summer school. Which means I will be pissed at you all summer. Which means I will make your life a living hell. Does that sound like fun to you, huh, little sister?” The slight girl, unsurprised yet still shaken, darted out from the corner and made her way back to her table of friends. As she grabbed a slice of lukewarm pizza and slumped down in the booth, she resigned herself to a season of martyrdom.

I like this meme- it's fun, quick, and a great way to scratch that creative writing itch!

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