Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poetry from a Guest Blogger!

Today's guest blogger is my friend, the Bug. From her blog, she describes herself thus: "Born in the south, transplanted to the midwest, married, no kids, in my 40s (when did THAT happen?). I wish I could WRITE, but all I can do is write (and be a legal assistant in my spare time). So I'll use this space to share bad poetry & mystical meanderings."

She is a talented writer who enjoys participating in memes. This poem was originally posted on her blog, A Bug's Eye View, on June 28th.

I do a weekly poetry meme called the Poetry Bus. This particualr week's Poetry Bus driver was the very talented Don't Feed the Pixies. He set us all the task of rehabilitating road (or any other) signs that were just lounging about doing nothing. We could either:
1) Follow the sign and write something we saw at the other end
2) Merely imagine what might be at the other end and write about that
3) Find a new use for the word on the sign to explain something that currently has no word

So Dr. M and I took a ramble today in the Bugly & found ourselves out in the Ohio countryside. We traveled down this road:

And found this sign:

Just in case you can't see, it says, "Ho STOP 4 $20"

Whereupon I chose Option 2 and wrote this poem:

Love in the Cornfields

It's not an easy life

Love in the cornfields

Love on the plow

Love for a Jackson

It's not an easy life

Corn fed Ohio boys

Always want a deal –

Hamilton and Lincoln

It's not an easy life

Cows to be milked

I just want a little

Spending money on the side

It's not an easy life

Love in the cornfields

But sometimes

We go for ice cream after

If you enjoy writing-related memes, I highly suggest visiting the Bug's blog. Leave her some love and tell her that Bekah sent you!

Don't forget I am doing a guest post at Expect Moore tomorrow!

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