Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Becoming a Life Artist: Part 3

Thanks for following along as I explore Ali Edwards' book, Life Artist. Today's topic is simplify.

Is your life too complicated? Mine is, at least it seems that way sometimes! Too many time committments, too much stuff, not enough hours in the day...sound familiar?

One of my favorite exercises for simplifying (and Ali's too) is making lists. Seeing my to-do list laid out in linear form makes my tasks less daunting. Journaling in my scrapbooks using a list format is visually uncluttered and gets my point across. Having a list of movies I want to see and books I want to read takes away the endless questioning at the video store or library.

Sometimes, it helps to limit your list to just the essentials. What will make me happy and feel accomplished today? Often, when faced with a choice between a walk with my kids and the piles of laundry that really need done, I choose the walk as more essential. By doing this I will feel more connected to my children, get some fresh air, and appreciate the beauty and inspiration found in my own neighborhood. Essentials. Simple.

So let's talk about where you may need to simplify, or your ideas for making your life more simple! We all want to know!
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