Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Becoming a Life Artist: Part 1

I am so inspired by Ali Edwards, the well-known author and scrapbook artist. Her layouts are to die for, but her philosophy on living a creative life is really what draws me to her.  I checked our her book, Life Artist, from the library (again), and began thinking of ways to truly incorporate her ideas into my crafting and everyday life.  Thus, my own Life Artist series was born. Every week I will feature one of her guiding principles and how it relates to my own life journey.

This week's topic is "It is OK". For me and my type-A personality, this is a freeing principle. It means...
  • I don't have to stress when things aren't perfect
  • It is OK to leave some things undone
  • I can define creativity any way I wish
  • I can express my creativty any way I wish
  • I don't have to remain in some pre-determined mold of someone else's choosing
  • I can put myself first sometimes
  • I can follow my list of to-do's, or not
  • I can be spontaneous with my children and my art
I think the hardest thing for me to bring into my life is the notion that imperfection is OK. (There will be a whole post about this later.)

As I mentioned, I am fairly type-A. I like having a plan and having things go my way. But I have a very strong reminder in my life that these things aren't always possible- my health. Even the best-laid plans can go awry or need to be altered when fatigue or pain takes over. So that "perfect" day at the park with my kids may be cut short, or my "perfect" scrapbook design may need tweaked, depending on how my fingeres are working. It is all OK. My girls and I will still have enjoyed the little time we did have at the park, and my family will still appreciate any layout I create, whether it's simple or elaborate.
What does "It is OK" mean to you? Are there some areas of your life where this philosophy would be especially freeing?
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