Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Hidden Pocket Scrapbook Page

This post is being featured during "Pocket Week" at  Expect Moore! I have loved all the projects this week, and today I am going to show you how to create a hidden pocket for pull-out journaling on a scrapbook page.

There are many good reasons to include a pocket on your layout. They are great for holding keepsakes that you either can't or don't want to adhere. They are convenient for  holding larger items, such as a brochure or menu. You can also use them to hide your journaling when you want to keep it a bit private, or it interferes with your design.

Once you have decided that you want to use a pocket, then you need to decide what kind! The options are vast. A slash pocket is quick and easy and can be attached to your page with brads, stitching, or regular adhesive.  There are also tons of cute pockets that you can purchase ready-made, such as coin envelopes, library card holders, and clear pockets.

So let's get to the good stuff! Here is how I created the pocket for the above page...

1. First, decide how big you need your journaling block to be. It may help to write everything out on a scrap piece of paper first. Cut cardstock to this size, leaving tabs at one end. This end will stay secured in your pocket. (see photo below)

2. The cardstock you cut for your pocket will be as wide as your journaling block and twice as long. In the example below, my journaling block is 3x4", so I cut cardstock 3x8" for the pocket. Fold this in half.

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