Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking inside the circle

I found this post on "Just Cherish Today" about the saying "thinking outside of the box". This phrase is intended to inspire creativity, but isn't it already overused, and therefore less effective? This blogger offers the term "thinking inside the circle" as an alternative. She suggests that "Thinking inside a circle would express a contained, focused method of thinking - while continuously adapting (no corners like boxes, circles just continue on)."

I like this. I came up with some other good reasons for using a circle instead of a square box:

1. circles are friendlier and more inclusive (circle of friends or family circle)
2. circles suggest an overlap or swirling of ideas- much more creative
3. circles are historically associated with infinity, continuity and connection
4. circles are also known to represent unity, wholeness, and completion

So next time you challenge yourself to "think outside the box", try thinking inside the circle instead. Reflect on some of the key terms listed above and see what it inspires!

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