Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 365: Week 15

Finally back on the bandwagon- I've been in a funk and haven't felt like doing much of anything lately, including reading and taking photos! But now that I've made it through a whole week of P365, I hope to get a little more creative this week!

Sunday- Easter egg hunt at my grandma's. The kids had a great time, and the woods behind her house are lovely this time of year.

Monday- Passed by some repair work on the City Hall tower in Lebanon. NOT something I would like to do!

Tuesday- Cleared off the old coffee table so we could put up the new one. Just waiting on our sofa, and the living room redo is done!

wednesday- Morgan has found a new favorite reading spot- the new storage cubes under the picture window.

Thursday- Heading in to a doctor appointment. I love the style of this building- very Frank Lloyd Wright.

Friday- Nice day for some yard work...always something to be done!

Saturday- 9th birthday party for our friend Jackson. It was held at the Skate Castle in Loveland. Cool place!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: Nelson's Brand by Diana Palmer

Nelson's Brand (Silhouette Desire, #618)Nelson's Brand by Diana Palmer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As far as romance novels go, this one is pretty good, and steamy! Both halves of our couple (Gene and Allison) have tragedy and heartache in their past. Gene received a troubling surprise about his parentage, and Allison survived life-threatening violence in South America. Their mutual attraction provided comfort and healing for both.

The Wyoming landscape and history add a nice dimension to an otherwise predictable story. Gene is a womanizing rancher, and Allison is a virginal missionary- the contrast makes them an unlikely pair, and also characterizes most books of this sort.

My biggest disappointment with Nelson's Brand is that Allison's back story is not very developed. She experienced true pain and loss, which could have really fed her character if delved into more deeply.

In my opinion, worth the time if you enjoy love stories with lots of sex!

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