Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Becoming a Life Artist: Part 2- Go With the Flow

"Go with the flow" is our topic for this week's look at living a creative life, inspired by Ali Edwards. Last week we discussed "It is OK".

For me, going with the flow is the key to decreasing stress in my life. Having the ability to adapt to life's curveballs adds to the "It is OK" life attitude. Going with the flow allows me to work around problems (heck, even expect problems as a fact of life!) and let go of strict rules about how things must be done.

In my crafting projects, going with the flow often means accepting mistakes or accidents. Sometimes this just means leaving something as-is and being happy with the fact that another scrapbook page is completed, another memory documented. Sometimes a mistake can be an opportunity for further creativity. Serendipity can lead me to substitute a product in my stash instead of the "one I really need", or using my tools in new ways.

Going with the flow also reminds me that there is a natural ebb and flow to feeling creative. Sometimes I am almost overrun with inspiration and can't wait to get to my craft room. I also go through phases where I simply don't feel like creating. I used to panic at these times. What if I never get inspired again? What if all my ideas have been used up? I am getting better at accepting these lulls in creativity. Let go of the pressure to create. Put my energy into other areas of my life. That being said, I do have some favorite ways of getting over a creative hump:

  • read a book or magazine
  • take a walk by myself
  • visit a thrift store, flea market, or yard sale
  • leaf through my older scrapbooks
  • watch a movie
  • have a chat with a friend
  • browse challenge websites
  • do a craft project with my kids
Do you suffer from fear of losing your creative edge? What are some ways you break through a "block"? Really, we all want to know!
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