Monday, March 28, 2011

Achieving Calm, One Decision at a Time

I thought it was time for an update on how I'm doing with my "calm" resolution. As my One Little Word for 2011, I sometimes struggle to keep that thought at the front of my mind. Reflecting on the past couple of weeks, I am realizing more and more that calm is not something to be achieved by a life-altering change or major overhaul of anything. It comes in the day to day moments and little decisions that I consciously make. I am in charge of my behavior and reactions. Here's a few examples:

  • My youngest daughter came home with a huge pile of stories and pictures she had done at school over the past few months. She scattered them all over the coffee table. I left them there for about a week, intending to go through each one and decide on a couple to keep for her scrapbook. The mess was getting to me, and the pending task was sounding less and less fun. I ended up throwing the whole lot into the recycle bin. I already have some of her work saved, and I'm sure she'll be bringing home more. Such a little thing that I let add to my stress. No more! Done.
  • This past weekend I let the dinner dishes sit and played a board game with my family instead. Now, leaving a dirty kitchen is nothing new here, but this time I honestly let it go, guilt and obsession-free. I made a conscious decision to spend time with my family versus cleaning, and let myself feel good about that decision.
  • I stayed out of a conversation on FaceBook that really had me riled up. The discussion was not appropriate for FaceBook, so I let it go.
  • The hubs and I had tickets to go to a hockey game. We had an overnight babysitter for the kids, and people were expecting us. When it came down to it, neither of us really felt like going. Normally I would have insisted we go anyway, out of some sort of sense of duty or obligation. After a brief discussion, we spent the evening together, just us, instead. Went out to dinner and watched a movie at home. We even held hands! Definitely worth it, and it built up my "calm" stores.
  • One morning last week we were rushing around as usual to get to the bus on time. My youngest daughter had put on a very interesting outfit, one I normally would in NO way let her wear to school. Normally I would freak a little and insist she change, making us even later and more stressed. But it was clean and weather-appropriate, so I took and deep breath and said, "Whatever. It's fine". And meant it. 

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    How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions?
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    1. Good job on the calming down! After reading your list I find that I'm really pretty calm these days - I usually stay out of Facebook fights and Mike & I very rarely do things we don't want to. On the other hand, if he wanted to leave the house dressed all crazy I might have to say something about THAT :)


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