Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365: Week 9

Total shots taken this week- 59. Much fewer kid pics for those of you who are just tired of them!

Sunday- Bird nest in my backyard. I was so excited to see the sun!

Monday- A little twist to our Monday night pancake routine.

Tuesday- I frequently pass by Kings Island, a local amusement park. I am anxious for warmer weather so we can enjoy our season passes!

Wednesday- Here is the new building my department moved into on Monday. It doesn't look like much, but we have a golf course/wooded area view from my office in the back of the building. Kinda nice.
Thursday- Morgan's school program, an adaptation of Dr. Seusss's "Daisy-Head Mayzie".

Friday- Here is my work "nook". I feel pretty much organized and settled in now.

Saturday- Today was the season-end celebration. No more cheerleading pics, I promise! Next is soccer- we signed my oldest up today.

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  1. Wonderful photos! That nest is so cool. I wonder what kind of bird it belongs to.

    Love that your daughter's school did a Dr. Seuss show!

    And, a Monday night pancake tradition? Awesome!

  2. I liked the cheerleading pictures :) What, no computer in your office?

    I love passing by Kings Island in the evening because it means that the next exit gets me off the danged interstate :)

  3. Those pancakes look so yummy :)

  4. Never tired of the kid pics. And now I'm craving pancakes!


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