Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday 3/17/11

My gratitudes this week seem pale in comparison to those of the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My thoughts have been with that country constantly, and especially with my friend Takako, who did not hear from her family for two days. Thankfully, although their city was hit hard, her parents and brother are safe.

My thoughts have also been on my husband as he celebrated his birthday this week. I am now, and always will be, thankful that he survived his traumatic accident at work six months ago. Although his recovery has slowed and we are beginning to accept that he may never get back to “normal”, I still have a husband and my children still have a father. That is enough.

Take time today to recognize the gifts and blessings in your life!

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  1. Most excellent thanksgivings this week. For some reason I've been in extra pain from my hip & shoulder this week - I hope Justin escapes arthritis from his injuries!


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