Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365: Week 11

Busy week at our house, as usual. Did you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine this week?

Sunday- Counting out the savings in piggy banks with Daddy!

Monday- First day of jazz/hip hop dance lessons.

Tuesday- Worn out from yesterday's dance class and playing outside after school.

Wednesday- Coworkers and I went for a walk to enjoy the nice weather!

Thursday- "No reason" flowers from hubs. There are opening up nicely and smell so good!

Friday- Finally. another tooth lost! She fell asleep on the couch in hopes of actually meeting the Tooth Fairy.

Saturday- My girls came up with idea to go on a "trash walk" up and down our street. It is so gratifying to see my kids taking care of their neighborhood and environment.

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  1. Love the trash walk - I should do that. It would clean up the street & clean up my arteries at the same time :)

    Love V's hip hop pose - too cute.


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