Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Does Creativity Mean to You?

What does creativity mean to you?

On one of my rambling wanders through the Web, I came across The Creativity Project, wherein several creative thinkers answer this question. It's pretty thought provoking. Here are some of my favorites quotes and pieces of quotes:

  •  "...wake up every morning and choose to make a change in the world." ~Everett Bogue
  • "Look for not what is, but what could be. Then chisel away until you reach it." ~Thom Chambers
  •  "Creativity is seeing the possibility in the seemingly impossible." ~Raam Dev
  •  "Creativity is the mighty force that generates ideas and clever solutions." ~Lex Garey
  •  "Creativity is deep listening and turning what you hear into compassion, a solution, a strategy." ~Danielle LaPorte
  •  "Creativity is ignorant confidence." ~Arielle Patrice Scott
Check out the entire e-book at Lex Garey's blog, then spread the creativity!  What is your definition?

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