Friday, September 3, 2010

Rita, the Happy Mascot

What a fun week I have had with Rita! Oh, who is Rita? She is the mascot I chose for this week's Happy Book assignment. I picked her because of her affiliation with Creative Memories, my first introduction to my life-changing hobby, scrapbooking. Here is a peek at our week:

In no particular order...

1. at my kid's school
2. after a trip to the pharmacy for cold medicine :(
3. in line at McDonald's for a Coke!
4. um, yet another coke from the gas station (it helps my sore throat!)
5. playing marbles in the living room
6. my desk at work
7. the library return drop-box
8. waterpark
9. self check-out lane at the grocery
10. the bus stop!

This was a really fun project, not only because it was plain silly, but for the memories it revived...memories of Freshman year at college, pledging my sorority. Pledge night- one of our tasks was to run all over town with the Pink Panther (our mascot) and take pictures in certain places...a scavenger hunt of sorts...the penny horse at Meijer, grabbing tons of packets of ketchup at McDonald's, a particular frat house, the playground, the old cemetery on campus...oh what a fun night! And this little assignment brought it all right back!

This coming week's assignment, coincidentally, is to go on a photo scavenger hunt. Here are the items to look for: circle, tree, smile, sparkle, heart, clean, treasure, red, fresh, sky, yum, toes, morning, home. Sounds like fun!
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