Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Becoming a Life Artist: Week 5- Play!

According to Ali Edwards, play and risk encourage growth. Risk doesn't always mean something radical or dangerous. I'm talking about little things that take you outside your daily routine and comfort zone, both in daily life and your creative pursuits. This can open you up to new ways of viewing yourself and your world.

Why don't you...
  • take a different turn on your way to work?
  • shoot a black and white photo instead of color (or vice versa)?
  • mix up the page sizes in your scrapbook albums?
  • try a new recipe?
  • paint a piece of old furniture?
  • go to the movies by yourself?
  • use paint with your rubber stamps instead of ink?
  • write with a colored pen?
  • order an unfamiliar coffee flavor?
  • sit in a different place at your dinner table?
Today I pledge to try something new and out of the ordinary (for me, anyway). Instead of listening to the news on my way to work, I will put in a CD. What can you do today to take a risk and play?
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