Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Nostalgic Recipes

Today's post is inspired by the weekly writing prompts by Mama Kat- 
Share a favorite childhood recipe.

My mom was a baker. Especially at Christmas. I would help her bake dozens and dozens of cookies- sugar cookie cut-outs, Buckeye Balls, Russian Tea Cookies, gingersnaps, Peanut Blossoms...oh my, yum! The baking would go on for weeks, and we would freeze as we went.

I am lucky enough to be in possession of several of my mother's handwritten recipes. The baked goods themselves may not be extraordinary, but I simply LOVE that they are in her handwriting. Seeing her neat script instantly warms my heart, and reminds me of all the "I love you's"  in birthday cards, letters she sent my when I was in college, and the notes in my baby book.

Pure nostalgia.

So thankful for these old, stained pieces of her.

Every holiday season I bring out these treasured recipe cards and bake with my own children. I hope they are building the same kind of strong memories that I have!

Do you still use a recipe from your childhood?
Tell us about it in the comments!!

Other recipes you may enjoy:

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  1. What a wonderful reminder you have. It's sad that my children will only have "bookmarked" recipes on my laptop to remember our baking afternoons. This made me want to write out some recipes by hand.

    Also, Russian Tea Cakes....soo yummy!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is an awesome memory of your mother. I know I love to look at my mother's recipes too.

  3. Stopping by from MamaKat's. I love that you shared a handwritten recipe. There is something special about a recipe thats handwritten and splattered from previous uses. I also have handwritten ones from my mom and love to see her handwritting. This is a good reminder for me to write mine down even if I have messy handwritting myself. :)

  4. My mom's recipe cards are some of my favorite things. I used to tease her about her misspellings (viniall instead of vanilla). I'm not much of a baker or cook, but maybe I should pull some of those out & make something in memory of her :)


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