Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday 2/17/11

Thankful Thursday

Some parts of this week have been pretty rotten.  I got passed over for a much-deserved promotion, one of my daughters is having some health concerns, and necessary car repairs were not in our budget, but had to be done anyway.

Life throws everyone obstacles, and sometimes it's tough to recognize the good things. It's then when it's most important to count blessings and put things back in perspective. So here goes my list...

  • The sun is shining and we have had a few days of very nice weather- a treat during February in Ohio

  • I am feeling the relief and freedom of donating a ton of stuff to the Lupus Foundation- my home is cleaner and the items are going to a cause close to my heart- my mom passed away from complications due to Lupus and RA

  • I got to spend some time with my three closest friends- a long lunch with girlfriends does wonders
  • My grandfather's inoperable tumor has shrunk- SHRUNK- to an almost negligible size, without treatment (that's a pretty big gratitude!)
  • So take a few minutes and come up with one or two things that you have to be thankful for- you'll be glad you did!
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  1. Oh I'm so sorry you didn't get the promotion! OK, let's try to find a silver lining - maybe it was the job that made your boss so angry & you dodged a bullet?

    Yay for your grandfather! That is definitely something to be thankful for. And yes, the weather has been pretty fabulous.


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