Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: Week 7

I took 79 photos this week. While this certainly isn't a record for me, it is a bit above average. Here's a peek at my week:

Sunday- Getting Valentines ready for class parties. Painstaking. Each card was selected for classmates based on a variety of factors such as gender, personal interests, and personality. It took forever!
Monday- The kids got their faces painted at school, and we took them for ice cream after dinner.
Tuesday- Everything in my work building is being packed up. We move to a new location this coming week!
Wednesday- We found ourselves without kids for a couple of hours, so what did we do? Not nap, clean, or even "IT"! Nope, we went grocery shopping. We have not done this together since, well, probably pre-kids.

Donating to the Lupus Foundation.

Birthday skating party!
Give me a U-P-W-A-R-D!! (Morgan is the "R")


  1. Sounds like a great week! I thought we were going to be moving our office a couple of years ago - they were talking about a place near King's Island which would have shortened my commute by a bit, but we stayed put. I get frustrated when Mike & I grocery shop together - he piddles around & then runs out of energy before we're done. Grrr. It's just better if we go separately LOL.

  2. You are so awesome for taking so many photos! I need to remember to do this. I even think Bill is better at snapping random photos than I am! I always forget about snapping photos with my phone. I love that photo of Viv with the ice cream. Too cute!


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