Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Faves 2/18/11

Some of my faves from around the web this week...

I'm usually skeptical of "freebie" sites, but I have been using this one for a while and I have never run across any problems.  I have received free samples of cleaning products, snacks,makeup, and office supplies, plus printable coupons for places like Rally's and Taco Bell. Try Freebie Link!

Here's a great reminder from Ali Edwards about why it's a good idea to NOT zoom in and crop tight on all your photos.

Best beds for better sex.  Honestly, the only part I took seriously is where it explains if you actually sleep better, you might have the energy for sex once in a while.

This floating house reminds me of something Howard Roark might design. And if you don't know who he is, go straight to your local library and pick up a copy of The Fountainhead.


  1. You made me want to re-read The Fountainhead.

  2. This is really a good stuff, This sounds good. I like it. Photo Recovery


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