Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Chore Charts

Clutter makes me nuts. Dirty dishes in the sink make me nuts. Piles of laundry make me nuts. Doing all the household chores makes me nuts AND wears me out. What's a calm-seeking girl to do?

I admit we've tried a family chore chart before. It lasted for about a week, then everyone (including me) started ignoring it. This year I took a different approach. Instead of mommy/meanie/ogre handing out assignments, we sat down as a family and agreed upon specific duties, frequency, and when things are to be done. We also agreed that the assignments can be flexible to an extent.  Hopefully this will help everyone be more accountable. I found a few printable charts at the Family Fun website.

In some families, children earn an allowance for doing chores. Justin and I have always held the belief that taking care of our home is everyone's responsibility. It is expected and required from every family member. So our kids don't get an allowance for regular chores. We hope that by assigning specific duties, we are teaching our girls responsibility, time management skills, teamwork, and pride. These are more important than money! My personal added bonus is less stress and more time for things I actually enjoy doing!

How are household tasks divided up in your family? What are your feelings on allowances? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. When I was a kid I got an allowance, but I don't remember it being tied to tasks. I was supposed to dust & I helped with the mowing sometimes.

    Hope this system works for you - I definitely don't think you should have to do it all! Mike & I do an ok job of divvying up tasks, but I'm still a slacker. Maybe he should start giving me an allowance :)


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