Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Week 4

I can't believe the last days of January are upon us! Are you ready for more pictures of snow and cheerleading? Well, here we go!

Sunday- My niece's 5th birthday. Her dad (my brother) is an avid golfer, so he was thrilled when his oldest child asked for clubs as a gift!
Monday- Morning rush. One is ready to go while the other is still getting dressed. PJ's and breakfast dishes everywhere. Typical Monday morning around here!
Tuesday- I felt so bad for these little guys!
Wednesday- My baking for the week consisted of Apple Crisp. You can get the recipe here.
Thursday- I like this guy's attitude. It seems genuine, considering he isn't driving a Mercedes or BMW.
Friday- I work with a Punjabi family who gifted me with some wonderful Indian tea.
Saturday- I told you to expect more cheerleading pictures! Can't help it- they're so darn cute! Four more weeks to go.
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  1. You're right - your cheerleaders are cute. That apple crisp looks yummy! I like the license plate too - I should remember that it really IS good!


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