Thursday, January 13, 2011

Writing Workshop: My Heart Melted

Wow. I have not done a Mama Kat workshop, in like, FOREVER. 
I really liked some of her prompts this week, because they helped me think about some little, yet significant moments in my life. The STUFF that makes life GOOD. So here goes...

The last time my heart melted was oldest daughter showed me how much she loves me and is thinking of me in that little sweet heart of hers.
It was Christmas morning. The kids were giddily opening their stockings when someone realized that Santa had "forgotten" to put anything in my stocking. Oops. While Vivian, my youngest, was feeling sorry for me, Morgan said, "Mommy, there might be something in there. Look!"

To humor her, I up-ended the stocking. Into my lap fell a tiny pink crystal heart. My heart melted.

"Morgan, did you put this in my stocking? When?"

She came over and gave me a hug. "I put it there the other day, so on Christmas you would find it and have something to remember how much I love you."

And that, people, is good stuff.


  1. That IS good stuff. Santa forgets this mommy almost every year, but maybe when my children grow a little, my stocking will have something, too. ;)

  2. Wonderful story, and it's great that you can post it, so she can see how much it truly means. I can visualize a scrapbook page for it. Don't forget to post a pic if you did/do a page.

  3. Awww! That's too sweet... You'll want to pull that memory back out when she's a teenager (if she's anything like I was). :)

  4. That is good stuff. It is what makes life so good. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like "Bug" too.

  5. Those are the moments to keep stored in your heart and pull out when you have a rough day. How precious!


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