Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing Workshop: Fighting a Battle

This poem is inspired by a writing prompt at Mama’s Losin’ It. It is a reflection on living with a rare, chronic disease. Now that I read it, it seems really self-indulgent. I guess we all deserve a pity party now and then. Here's mine. For more information about Relapsing Polychondritis, please check out this article.

An army of One.

Fight the elusive disease

That may hit

With a surprise attack

Any day, any time.

An army of One.

Every day, make the choice.

Choose to be a wife, a mom.

Choose to be ME.

Not this disease.

An army of One.

Dizziness. Confusion.

Pain. Stiffness.

Ringing in my ears

Leads to madness.

An army of One.

Those that stand beside me

In battle cannot fight for me.

They watch. They worry.

They ask, How are you doing?

An army of One.

My body is the battlefield.

Each day I go to work, cook a meal,

Climb the stairs, tie my shoe

Is a victory.


  1. I'm so sorry you have to put up with this illness! My arthritis isn't a lot of fun, but I can mostly function just fun as long as I take enough drugs :)

    The poem is really good - I like the image of you being an army - as opposed to a victim.

  2. I agree with the bug. You're fighting, not retreating. This was very touching.


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