Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Dozen

It's time for another Random Dozen Wendesday  Thurday with Linda!
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1. Gingerbread: For or against? Discuss.

For, but mainly in the photographic sense. Pictures of my kids decorating gingerbread men are priceless. Eating said gingerbread men, laden with all varieties of candy and sprinkles, is a different story.

2. Is it important to you to always stay (live) close to family?

Moving back to my hometown when I was ready to start having my own children was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Having family close by to help out has really made a difference, and I feel good knowing that my children had the opportunity to have a relationship with my grandparents.

3. Which holiday pretend character do you wish really existed?

Santa. Duh.

4. Which holiday movie best represents how you feel about Christmas or life?

This will sound corny no matter what movie I choose, so how about “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”? (the one with the Island of Misfit Toys). I really dig the message that everyone has special gifts and talents. I work with children with disabilities, so that theme is very important to me throughout the year.

5. Is there a particular Christmas song that you're enjoying now? Any that you're tired of?

I really dislike that one about the Shoes. It is completely sappy and makes me cry, even though I think it’s ridiculous. I recently pulled out my old Harry Connick Jr . Christmas album and enjoy that quite a bit.

6. What is your favorite way to remember those less fortunate at Christmastime?

Every year my kids and I have a discussion about kids who don’t have as much as them. A few weeks before Christmas we clean out their playroom and donate a lot to Goodwill or some other organization. If feels good to teach my kids about generosity, and it makes room for the new gifts they will be receiving! This year we gathered 4 large bags of donations.

7. Does it upset you to see "Xmas" instead of Christmas? How about "Happy Holidays" etc., instead of "Merry Christmas?"

It does not bother me morally to see it used as an abbreviation. However, if it is on clothing or decorations, I don’t like it. Last night I was looking for a few last-minute gifts and saw these cute baby bibs at Target, in the Dollar Spot. Upon closer inspection, they said “Merry Xmas”, so I put them back.

8. How many Christmas programs are you attending this month?

None! Yea!

9. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Any chance of that dream becoming a reality?

Snowing once over the kids’ Christmas break is ok with me, because I am off work and they enjoy it so much. Anytime after that, yuck! I hate driving in snow. We have had some flurries the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t heard of anything major on its way.

10. Tell me about a Christmas present you received as a child. Pics are always nice.

I think most of my childhood Christmas photos are with my maternal grandmother in Texas. But here are some gifts I especially remember:

Age 5- Strawberry Shortcake doll. I had chicken pox so our spots matched!
Age 10ish- keyboard
Age 17- coffee maker (no one else in the house drank coffee, so this was exciting to me!)

11. How many Christmas parties are you attending this month?

Work- 1
Extended family- 2
Cookie decorating party with friends- 1

12. How do you keep yourself centered on the significance of Christmas?

Christmas Eve church service always brings me back. The music, candlelight, and memories of my mother are very special to me.


  1. Your girls are so cute! We got our card today - I love the picture!

  2. Christmas Eve services always center me. I feel connected to the family members I've shared that service with over the years.

  3. I didn't play along this week but it was fun reading your answers. Your kids are cute : )


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