Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sundays in My City: Art Walk

Unknown Mami

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I am joining you from Middletown, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.

Every once in a while the downtown area hosts an "art walk"- businesses donate their window space to house artwork of various mediums, all created around a single theme.

The organizers chose to highlight the plight of the homeless this holiday season.
The display (on loan from a city in KY) included photos taken by the homeless, crayon and marker drawings by a homeless guy who hung out in a Kinko's office supply store, and photos of families in a shelter.

It was very interesting and sad. A poignant way to be reminded of all we have for which to be thankful.


  1. Bekah you are so right, I love a lot of the art, very interesting and sad as you said. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Wow what a wonderful post this was..thank you for shareing it.

  3. People make beauty everywhere. I bet this was a very thoughtful exhibit.

  4. The exhibit sounds like a very touching theme for the current economic climate. The exhibit looks heart-touching and sad.

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday.


  5. What an excellent way to support a good cause. I'm sure it was a great day.

  6. Wow. It is sad. Homelessness is a very sad dilemna. It is especially hard to think of it during the holidays! Thank you for this post and wonderful reminder!

  7. That was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed the art.


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