Sunday, November 28, 2010

Project 365: Week 48

Sunday- My youngest niece has discovered the fun of activating all of my dad's singing holiday stuffed animals at the same time!

Monday- Bringing home artwork. They will usually let me toss it after I have taken a picture! Sure saves space.

Tuesday- Continuing the obsession with

Wednesday- Vivian's mini album we made together.
Thursday- Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday- Dad of the Year award goes to Justin- reading the girls a bedtime story by the light of the small tree in their room. I love that I caught Morgan peeking over the top of the bunkbed!

Saturday- Christmas decorations are all up. The kids actually posed themselves for this photo and asked me to snap it!

This week has definitely shown that some of my loves are rubbing off on my kids- photos, crafts, and reading. It could be worse- I could be passing on my bad habits of gossip, reality TV, and sleeping in late. Oh wait, I WANT them to do that one!
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  1. Love the pictures this week! Your girls are so cute.

    I'm not really able to sleep late anymore. I either physically need to get up, or I keep thinking of stuff to do. It's very annoying.

  2. Oh, I hope they get the sleeping in late habit. Wouldn't that be nice?

    May you and your beautiful family have a wonderful holiday season.


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