Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 365: Week 45 (ish)

My daily photo taking has been reduced to a once-in-a-while event. I have been inspired by those of you who have persevered, and promise to do better for the remainder of the year! Here are some photos I did manage to take over the past couple of weeks....

Math night at school- here Vivian is measuring the weight of a small pumpkin.

Bi-annual Girls Weekend. It was really nice outside so we took the festivities onto the hotel patio.

Spent a few hours at Trader's World flea market. Lots of good stuff!

Three witches and a...butterfly. My girls, my niece, and a neighbor had tons of fun trick-or-treating together!

This train set has not been played with in probably close to a year. This week it has been out every day!

We see where Vivian's loyalties lie. Herself and grandma. Go figure.

So I hope this is enough to get me back in the 365 "club". I'll be seeing you next week, promise!


  1. Hee,hee, hee! I LOVE the photo of Vivian holding her artwork about her and sleepovers at grandma's house! Too cute! I think it is fabulous that she is not afraid to say, "I like me"! Go Vivian!

  2. Great pictures! The witches & butterfly are TOO CUTE.

  3. Wonderful photos. And that girl's weekend was fun, I bet. I love those!


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