Friday, November 12, 2010

The Happy Book: Happy Feet

Here is a picture of my favorite pair of shoes:


For someone who is ordinarily fashion un-conscious, I spend a lot of time picking out and trying on shoes. For one thing, I am in and out of people's homes to work with their children on a daily basis. I usually take off my shoes to be polite. So, my shoes have to be easy-on, easy-off. Secondly, Comfort is King.  If my feet hurt, the rest of my body hurts. If my body hurts, I am grouchy and unhappy. If I'm not happy, ain't nobody happy!

Here's a real picture of shoes I actually own and wear: 

Today's Happy Book assignment is a part of The Next Chapter book blogging group, led by Jamie Ridler. Here are some happy questions to ponder about shoes:
  • where did you get your favorite pair of shoes?
  • what do your shoes say about you?
  • love or hate shoe shopping?
  • how long have you had your favorite pair of shoes?
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  1. Oh we are so twins. Except for the having kids & working with them dealio (as is evidenced by my poem today). Every now & then I forget what I'm doing & wear something cute but not very comfortable. I'm a slow learner.

  2. Lol! I love the twist there :) And those shoes look cute and comfy!

  3. I love your shoes and would pick them over those crazy platforms any day! Comfort is king for me too. Happy Weekend!

  4. I love your shoes too! I am all about comfort when it comes to shoes.


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