Saturday, April 24, 2010

Virtual Scrapbooking Night: "It's Reality"

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Time for Virtual Scrapbooking Night - "It's Reality" edition. Starting this Friday, April 23, we are going to be adding a dose of real life to reality shows. Can you survive our challenges? Do you know what not to scrap? Find a super nanny to watch your 19 kids and counting, and don't go Trading Spaces because it's an amazing race to the finish of that photo box, and we're here to inspire you! If fear is not a factor for you and you've got talent, then we think you can dance on over to the VSBN thread. We promise, you will not be fired!

Are you a scrappy chic like me?  Then sign up at SplitcoastStampers (an all-inclusive stamping, cardmaking, scrapping, papercrafting site) and join us for VSBN this weekend! We have awesome challenges based on reality TV shows for you Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you can't scrap "live" with us, no worries! You will have until the following Saturday to upload your pages.

I am hosting a challenge Sunday at 5:30pm EST. Here's a "taste" of what I will be offering:

 Be sure to check back here on Sunday, I am offering up some BLOG CANDY for those who participate in my challenge and post a link here!  This offer will be open until Sunday, May 2 at 10:00pm EST!


  1. I love, scrapbooking (don't do it as much as I wish) and I love reality shows...sounds like fun!

    Thanks for stopping by my place on SITS Day.

    504 Main

  2. I'm glad I found you. We haven't been able to have our TV connected for almost a year. I miss my TV. I do love scrapbooking and crafts, though. Wish I had more time for them.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home

  3. Here's a copy of my scrapbook page for your challenge Bekah.

  4. I think your tagged all over the place now Bekah :)


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