Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 365: Days 87-93

The South Carolina vacation edition!
We stayed with my husband's sister and her family in Newberry, which is about 30 minutes west of Columbia.

Day 87- Waterfall in a park in Columbia. We met some friends who live in Sumpter and let the kids play and run around while we chatted.
Day 88- A little cool, so we had a bonfire that night. The kids loved roasting marshmallows!

Day 89- A trip to the dairy farm where my brother-in-law works. Our favorite part was seeing the calves!
Day 90- Walking around downtown Newberry. This is the Opera House.

Day 91- Isle of Palms, outside of Charleston. My girls' first visit to the ocean!
Day 92- Magnolia Plantation
Day 93- Birdwatching from the porch before leaving for home! At one point we saw about 12-14 cardinals at once, which is more than I ever see at one time in Ohio!


  1. I love that region of the country! Was the water warm enough for swimming?

  2. What fun! We were just down there a few weeks ago (which I'm pretty sure you knew). Glad your girls got to enjoy the ocean.


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