Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project 365: Week 16

Sunday- Saying goodbye to Girls' Weekend at the Embassy in Columbus

Monday- Our division secretary received the Employee of the Month award- much deserved!

Tuesday- Loving all the trees in bloom!

Wednesday- Morgan at the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati. We took a school field trip to see Shrek the Musical. Awesome!

Thursday- Capri weather at last!

Friday- Waiting for "Magic Rocks" to grow. We were underwhlemed.

Saturday- My youngest sister came for a visit!


  1. Great picture of your sister! Love the pic of the girls watching the magic rocks - too cute. I agree about the trees - pretty & deadly :)

  2. I love the shoes pictured with the capris. I want those shoes.

  3. you are something else, girl!! i want your energy -


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