Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 365: Week 40

Sunday- self portrait by Morgan
Monday- Naptime!

Tuesday- Home therapy with the PT.

Wednesday- Baking brownies!

Thursday- Free frozen yogurt, courtesy of the coupons from the dentist.

Friday- First art project Viv brought home. A dragon she's been working on for weeks!
Saturday- nothing like waiting in line for new tires all afternoon!


  1. I love the Baking Brownies picture!

  2. Love the pics of your girls. Licking the beater is the BEST part of baking! Hope Justin’s PT is going ok.

  3. I've seen this 365 project on other blogs and have thought about starting it, This post made it look a lot simpler. Maybe I'll make that my new thing for next year.


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