Friday, October 15, 2010

Guerrilla Happiness

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This week's Happy Book assignment, led by Jamie Ridler, was to write down things that make you happy and post them in random places like the grocery store or a bathroom stall. I decided to turn my assignment into a FaceBook experiment! For the past several days I have used my status update to let others know what has made me happy, and I invited them to list theirs as well. I knew it would make me even happier to see what others wrote, but what surprised me was the number of "thanks" I got. The experiment proved to spread happiness, and as one commenter wrote, "posting these on FB.. makes me really consider what is important in life!!!"

Here are my posts and a sample of replies from this week:

Sunday- this makes me happy: sunshine, my dishwasher, football, and pie. Your turn!
  • clean van
  • hubby home from work
  • homemade costumes, hayrides
Monday- this makes me happy: getting off work at noon, 50% off coupon for Michael's, House and Castle on TV tonight. Your turn!
  • paid holiday
  • talking with neighbors over the fence
  • craft time
  • freshly bathed children
  • brownies in the oven
Tuesday- this makes me happy: sleeping with the windows open, beautiful pink and orange sunrise, new blinds deleivered. Your turn!
  • soccer practice
  • good dinner
  • fall colors
  • kids singing in the tub
Wednesday- this makes me happy: hearing my girls shout "I love you!" when I dropped them off at school this morning, the Chilean miners being rescued, breakfast for dinner. Your turn!
  • seeing friends online
  • sweet potatoes
  • going out to dinner
  • cooler weather
  • hump day
Thursday- this makes me happy: blasting Billy Idol on the stereo with the windows down, seeing a kid I work with do something for the first time, dinner with my grandparents. Your turn!
  • my husband
  • driving through leaves
  • laughing with co-workers
What made you happy this week?
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  1. This is a great idea and really helps keep life in perspective. Things that make me happpy:

    fall has finally arrived
    football, football and more football
    going to the pumpkin patch (we've been to two farms so far this year)
    starting my Christmas shopping early!

  2. What a wonderful assignment. I can see how mentioning what makes you happy - makes others think of what makes them happy - spreading happiness.

  3. This was a lot of fun on FB. I should do this for my blog sometime. I know, I've said it before - but I really mean it this time :)


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