Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Project 365: Days 80-86

Another look at my life from last week!

Day 80- Yet another birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for one of my daughters' friends.

Day 81- Morgan is finally bringing home winter artwork.
Day 82- I had to be fair and post some of Vivian's art as well. This is a picture of her and her dad in his car.

Day 83- My flowers survived the unexpected snow we had.
Day 84- Literacy Night at Morgan's school. They had many activities that revolved around books. Here, Morgan is making a caterpillar based on "The Very Hungy Caterpillar".

Day 85- My packing list for vacation!
Day 86- Scenery in Tennessee. We saw some beautiful things on the drive from Ohio to South Carolina!


  1. Ugh. I swear, I go to Chuck E Cheese at least once a month.

    Love all the artwork. I need to start scanning some of Owen's in and making a scrapbook just of that....maybe over many years

  2. I want some of that birthday cake - yum!

    Hope you're having fun in SC - can't wait to see the vacation pics!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! =)))
    Take lots and lots of pictures!


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