Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book review: In the Midnight Rain by Barbara Samuel

In the Midnight RainIn the Midnight Rain by Barbara Samuel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I truly got sucked into this mystery/romance story set in Texas.

Ellie is a novelist, researching the dual mysteries of the disappearance of Mabel Beauvais, a blues singer, and the identity of her father, which was never revealed by her now-deceased mother.

The romantic relationship between Ellie and Blue develops with great tension and passion. That they don't immediately fall into bed is a great bonus, in my mind. Blue has his own demons to conquer, which throws roadblocks in front of Ellie's galloping heart.

The southern details ring true, as well as the references to small-town America in during the Vietnam War. If the secondary characters are a bit numerous, this tiny flaw is more than made up for by the richness of the core players.

By the end of the book, all questions are answered and everyone gets a happy ending. *Sigh of contentment*

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  1. I'm reading this book even now! I'm 17% done - heh. I'm glad you liked it - maybe I'll read it a little faster now.


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