Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365: Week 1

I really enjoyed looking over my collection of P365 photos from last year- noticing the changes in my work and neighborhood, what the girls did at school and in their free time, meals I cooked... 2012 will be my third year doing the Project, and I envision doing something with the yearly photos. Sometime.

I personally snap shots of random stuff and daily life, but if themes are your thing, here are some interesting takes on P365.

Sunday- Scalloped ham and potates with lots of leafy greens for dinner

Monday- Starting to learn her dance routine for the spring recital

Tuesday- trip to the library

Wednesday- home for three days with Hand, Foot and Mouth virus

Thursday- lazy moms go to McDonald's for dinner!

Friday- playing with her wizard science kit

Saturday- the sun and warmth were welcome this weekend!


  1. Loved your week in review. Sorry to hear about your sick one. I had a terrible stomach virus between Christmas and New Years and nothing still tastes good. I guess I am a lazy mom....and I don't have any kids at home. We don't have a big is either Mickey D's or Burger king...I live in a smallllllllll town.

  2. We had that hand mouth thing a couple of times when the kids were little. No fun for them.

    Enjoy your week.

  3. Love the pics. Sorry about your little girl being sick. Hope she had a quick recovery. I think a lot of us are lazy mom's - those fast food places come in very handy at times.

  4. I had a sick grand-baby last week fun!

    Great week!


  5. Love that pic of Vivian learning her routine - so intent! And Morgan with her wizard's hat. She's looking a little too grown up there :)


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