Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday: 1/26/12

Mainly, I'm just thankful that it is Thursday.
One more day until Friday.
The weekend is almost here.

Ever feel like that?

Nothing terrible going on.
Work has been ok.
The kids have been sweet and getting along all week.
Hubs has done more than his fair share around the house.
I just have a cold and have been tired and run down since Sunday.
Ready for it to be over.
Ready for the weekend, and the additional rest it will bring.

Thankful it's Thursday.


  1. Yep, I'm thankful it's Thursday too! My brain has just been so sluggish all week. I think it would help if I would eat more healthfully - I'm in a chocolate fog. Hmmm. Something to consider!

  2. P.S. We need to reschedule our "date" for you to raid my supplies!

  3. I hope you have a restful weekend, Bekah! Just wanted to let you know I made Russian chicken. I remember mom making that when I was a little girl, and it sounded wonderful! Thanks for the recipe and idea! I also made the pork chops with the mustard (can't remember what it was called). I modified it and used milk and a bit of starch and added some honey. It was super yum! I sometimes get into a rut and hate making the same things all of the time, so it is nice to get some new ideas!



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