Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Completely Uneducated and Biased Review of the Kia Forte

You may have heard that I recently traded in my 2005 Kia Sedona minivan and bought a new-to-me car, a 2010 Kia Forte
I love it!!
 Later in the week I will share my car buying story and some tips for shoppers. But today, I just want to show it off!!

The front end looks kinda sporty. The color is a dark gray, with tones of olive green.

The instrument panel is pretty boring, but easy to see. I didn't care about anything fancy here. One thing I did get, that I didn't care about but love, is radio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel.

Again, pretty standard. I have Sirius radio and Bluetooth, for when I get a decent cell phone! The glove compartment isn't huge. I miss that about my van- I had three different spaces in it!

Another extra that has proven handy- each of the front doors has a special place big enough to hold an extra water bottle.

Huge Huge trunk. In this regard it beats my van hands-down. When the third row was in the van, there wasn't much space in the back.

Back seat is plenty big enough for two carseats, plus a fold-down arm rest/cup holders.

Sunroof! I had one a long time ago and forgot how much I loved it!

  Other stuff:
It is zippy and handles corners nicely.

Eco-boost uses less RPMs when I get up to speed, and saves on gas.

Speaking of gas, it is advertised at approx. 35 MPG highway. I drive a lot for work, both town and highway. I'm averaging about 29 MPG- much better than the 18 I got with the van!

It's a 4 cylinder, which means you can't punch it to get around semis on the highway. It's an adjustment, but I'm ok with it.
Some websites have criticized the gearshift for being "rubbery" and "loose"- whatever that means. I like how it slides into gear effortlessly. Like the title says- uneducated. Maybe this is a bad thing.

I got a great deal on this little car, and will share some basic tips and maybe some new-to-you info in a few days. Happy driving!

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  1. Yay--a new car! Congratulations. It looks wonderful!

  2. Congrats on the new card, Bekah! The change in gas mile will make a HUGE difference with all of the driving you do. I feel like a bad mom when I see that you still have Morgan in a car seat. Will has been out of his for years. They keep increasing the requirements to the point that Max and Luke will prob be in one when they are learning to drive! LOL! :0)

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying your new car! I think that when my Saturn finally dies I'll get some little thing with good gas mileage. Have to pay off the Aztek first :)


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