Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Beauty Buys

Most of my adult life, I have been a "buy what's on sale" kinda gal when it comes to beauty products.  I think I may change my tune, based on such great results with the following items.
Just FYI, this is my opinion on these products only! I am not gaining anything from my review!

Nice n' Easy Foam hair color- I recently tried this after becoming unhappy with Clariol cream color. I found the foam easy to apply, and it actually DID cover all my grays. Note- I found it necessary to shake the bottle before each pump. I bought Light Brown, which turned out a little darker than I anticipated.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product- A co-worker turned me on to this. I was surprised to find it at my local CVS/pharmacy, instead of a salon-product boutique. It's a little pricey (about $10-12 for 2 oz.), but a little goes a long way. Just spray in damp hair- it adds shine, softness, and protects color treatments.

Ped Egg foot file- I really thought this was all hype, until I saw it mentioned on Crunchy Betty's blog.  I found it at CVS for 9.99, and had a 30% off coupon. So worth it. Easy to use and great results. I recommend using this prior to showering, bathing, or soaking feet.

Sally Hansen  Diamond Strength nail polish- I bought Pink Promise, which is a pale color with a bit of sheen. Much more subtle than the <