Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer "Bucket List"

Someone please find Summer and tell it to come back! I know it's still July, but we just received the girls' school supply list today, and it was a shocking reminder at how quickly the summer is slipping away. As in summers past, I had a long list of things I wanted to do before school came around. Some of my wishes have been fulfilled this year, others are still waiting. How much can I squeeze into the next few weeks?

  1. Go to Kings Island without the kids
  2. make fresh lemonade
  3. make smores in the backyard
  4. go to an outdoor concert
  5. yardsales!
  6. eat watermellon
  7. help the girls grow flowers from seeds
  8. visit a farmer's market
  9. light sparklers
  10. go to a carnival or festival
  11. catch fireflies
  12. actually buy something from the ice cream truck
  13. have a sleepover
  14. watch the sun set with my husband
  15. hang out at the old rootbeer stand
What do you still have to accomplish on your summer wish list? I'd love the hear your ideas!
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  1. Hi, visiting you from the #31DBBB challenge. Great list post! I wished I lived in a warmer climate so we could catch fireflies. If we made our lists comparable, the only thing I've done are light sparklers and plant strawberry seeds (one died after sprouting, one still struggling to get bigger).

    Have a good weekend...and do that sunset one with your husband. Fun!

  2. Hi Bekah! That's a fun list! I would like to go to the zoo more, since we have a family pass, but it has just been too darn hot. Planning a trip to Michigan and I want to take my boys to one of my favorite Michigan lighthouses, The Presque Isle. I would love to spend a night on Mackinac Island with hubby, if I can get the parentals to watch our boys for a night at the cottage. We did that a few years back and it was wonderful!

  3. Well, I wanted to grow tomatoes this summer & I reckon I succeeded! I probably had other things on my list, but the heat & humidity have sapped them out of me :)

  4. Yep, seems the heat has laif waste to a lot of our plans...

  5. Wow--I should make a summer bucket list too! Some items on your list would definitely be on mine too. Have a great Sat. visiting here from SITS. (Maybe you can watch the sunset tonight with your hubby.)

  6. Hi Bekah: I'm here from 31DBBB (you posted just above me today!). I love your list. Every darn summer I tell myself I'm going to visit the Farmer's Market and every darn year I never do. Maybe your list will inspire me!

  7. I love this idea! I'm stopping by from SITS and I am having a Dyson giveaway, that ends tonight. Be sure to enter!


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