Monday, July 26, 2010

Project 365: Days 199-205

This was a "beat the heat" week here at my house...
Day 199- curling up in front of the AC with a book

Day 200- campfire songs without the campfire. Morgan says she has a "very sing-able voice"

Day 201- just another day of laying around and doing kitty stuff

Day 202- pool party with my coworkers

Day 203- desperately trying to get our marigolds to bloom

Day 204- simple treats- ice cream at McDonalds

Day 205- I let the kids raid their piggy banks for quarters, then we killed some time in the (airconditioned) mall playing on the kiddie rides

How did you stay cool this week?
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  1. It was definitely yucky around here this week! My boys about drove me crazy, as we didn't get outside a whole lot! Pretty bad when it is too hot to even swim! :)

  2. Great pics of the girls beating the heat! I mostly just worked in my over-airconditioned office J. Your cat is gorgeous by thy way!


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