Monday, May 10, 2010

Project 365: Days 122-128

Day 122- playing Twister Hopscotch
Day 123- desperately needed haircut
Day 124- High school art show
Day 125- Luna checking out the birds in the front yard
Day 126- Lunch at Mimi's with my friend Jeni
Day 127- Bendaroos ALL over my livingroom walls- I hate these things
Day 128- bowling- taking advantage of


  1. I'm gonna have to check out Mimi's - I was noticing that there's a location not far from where I work now.

    The haircut is cute...

    I'm holding off posting my comment because I'm listening to Trisha Yearwood. Which is funny because I think I have this album, so, you know, I could close your blog & just open Media Player...

  2. Hate the Bendaroos, huh? My daughter is begging for some. Now, I know better than to buy them!


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