Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project 365: Days 157-163

Here are my pictures from last week. Better late than never!

Day 157- Boomerang Bay, the waterpark attached to our local amusement park.

Day 158- The drive home from work. Beautiful day!
Day 159- Not-so-beautiful day. So much rain lately!

Day 160- I pass this little mailbox every day; the house it belongs to is located at a stoplight. Today I realized how much I enjoy it, and it brightens my day.
Day 161- University Pointe medical center, where I see my rhuematologist.
Day 162- an unexpected visitor, although with all the rain we've had, I can see how he would mistake our driveway for a pond!
Day 163- My dad with all his granddaughters (and one daughter-in-law who is holding the baby!)


  1. Love the flowers at that mailbox! I pass a similar one each day, but it's not at a stop light. I'd have to pull into their driveway to take a pic - & I'm already pushing it taking pics of that pig!


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