Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sundays in My City: Busy Day

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I am joining you from Middletown, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati.

EDIT: This post was supposed to publish last week, but computer problems prevented it. So, here are my photos from the last week of 2009!

Just a typically busy day of errands...

The day began with a quick trip to the Post Office.

Next, routine bloodwork for oldest daughter.
Unfortunately dramatic.

I promised her a McDonald's Coke
if she didn't kill anyone at the lab.
This worked quite successfully.

Oh no, Thank YOU.

On to the grocery store. LOVE this place. My total bill was around $85 for a week's worth of groceries, plus extra goodies for New Year's Eve.

We could spend hours at the library. Today we came home with two books for me, one for each kid, two movies and a CD.

Searching for a deal on a new winter coat. The place was packed.

Quite a frequent stop for us.

My favorite drive-through. The guy who works here always calls me "dear". Today I was picking up champagne and beer for
New Year's Eve.

After all those errands I needed to replenish the gas tank.

How do gas prices compare in your neck of the woods?

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  1. 85 dollars for a weeks worth of groceries?? How cool is that?!!!!

  2. In the netherlands we pay almost 10 american dollars for one gallon of might have gone down a bit but never goes below 9. Loved your photos!! I really miss the U.S. when I see everyday photos like this. Have a wonderful week..and a total score for your groceries!!!

  3. Miss running errands like that....all places I love going to especially Kohl's! Happy New Year!

  4. Whew - that was a busy day! You got a lot done & I enjoyed "following" you around. I especially enjoyed the McDonald's bribe - had to share that one with Mike LOL.

  5. P.S. My word verification was "buthog." Just had to share :)

  6. What a fun day. Except for the bloodwork of course! Laughed my head off about you thanking McDonalds : ) So cute! Your day looks busy! I love libraries. We haven't been to ours in a while. Must put that on our to do list :)

  7. That was quite a lot to pack into one day!! Wow...I would need a nap after all of that!

  8. holy cow! we are less than 3 bucks a gallon here!

  9. A drive-thru beverage store?!?!?! How cool is THAT!

    Thanks for the tour of your town. now snow yet? You're lucky!

    Happy Sunday!

    PS So. Calif. gas is $3.09 for regular! Ugh.

  10. Yes, $85 does seem a bit low for groceries for an entire week. How does the price of petrol compare? We measure ours in litres and the current price per litre is about AUD 1.24 and that converts to about USD 5.20 per gallon. Cheaper than in the Netherlands by about half!

  11. Oh, Kohls, I love you so. Almost as wonderful as Target.

  12. That is a busy day!
    I don't even look at the price of gas around here...I just pay what it says and move on! And oh how I miss those drive through liquor stores!


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