Saturday, September 22, 2012

Around Here, September 2012

Around here, my girls are deciding on Halloween costumes, changing their minds, then changing them back again.

Around here, we are enjoying spending time with our neighbors- driveway tailgating and backyard bonfires. Lots of kids running around.

Around here, we are amazed that Justin's accident happened two years ago this month.

Around here, Morgan is struggling with homework. I hate to see her dislike school so much, and it is very stressful for her and me.

Around here, Justin and I are getting ready to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with a little trip to a secluded cabin. Can't wait!

Around here, both girls are taking dance lessons. That makes for one long night of classes!

Around here, we all fight over the Kindle!

Around here, we are having a lot of discussions about autism. We finally sat the girls down and told them that Morgan has Asperger's Syndrome.

Around here, school papers are already stacking up and multiplying. I just signed my first permission slip of the year.

Around here, Vivian is really caught between wanting to be a big kid, and still needing to be the baby. She has decided it is hard being the little sister.

Around here, I am enjoying the cooler mornings and evenings.

Around here, we still seek patience, simplicity, and forgiveness.

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  1. Around here I'm trying to be motivated to do more in the evenings...

    Vivian is in a tough spot - which will probably last for a few more years. Because it's easier & NOT easier to be the baby :)

    I can't believe it's been two years since the accident!

  2. Just found your blog. 2 yrs ago my son was very close to being diagnosed as Asperger's. what he actually has is sensory processing disorder. He has come a long way. He's now in 4th grade, and his teachers see him as "normal". He sees a developmental optometrist (whom I credit with saving his life by giving him the right glasses) and did 8 months if vision therapy followed by 6 months of OT. A few weeks ago we traveled to another state to get evaluated at a Brain Balance Center, and I wish we had begun our journey there. They check primitive reflexes (reflexes babies are born with that should disappear about age 1 yr) and he still has 3. We are doing exercises to get rid of those. We are now on a gluten free/casein free diet, along with avoiding other foods that he has intolerance to, as determined by blood test. Hang in there. Things can get a lot better. Google Brain Balance with blog, and you will find other moms' blogs about how their kids are doing after going there. So far, I've only found positive stuff from parents. Doctors don't agree because this stuff isn't researched well enough for them.


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