Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Dozen Meme 10/28

It's time for another Random Dozen over at 2nd Cup of Coffee...
1. Tell me something about your favorite teacher.
Mrs. Smith was my senior English teacher. She introduced me to my all-time favorite author (John Irving), played Simon & Garfunkel in the classroom, and encouraged me as a writer and critical thinker.
2. Tell me about one pivotal moment in your life.
In January 2000 I was diagnosed with Relapsing Polychondritis, a rare autoimmune disease. The actual diagnosis was a blessing, since it led us towards treatment. I am not a super-religious person, but I do thank God for sending Dr. Avis Ware into my life. She recognized my symptoms, which had been worsening for months. I truly believe she saved my life.
3. About favorite colors--a lot of people will ask you what it is, but I want to know why it is. What feeling or memory does it evoke?
Purple, ever since I was a little girl. I think I always liked it because it was kinda like pink, girly and princess-y, but just a little funkier.
4. What's a sure sign that you're getting older?
Too many gray hairs, which I color regularly!
5. Please don't sermonize, but Halloween--is it a yes or no for you?
Yep! Just for fun!
6. What's your favorite musical?
I think it must be Godspell, although I like several.
My high school boyfriend’s school did this production, and I knew a lot of the actors and musicians. Very moving, the first and only time I have cried at a high school show!
7. Are you more of a city mouse or country mouse?
In my heart of hearts, country mouse. I grew up on a farm. However, I now live in a city, and can really appreciate a 24-hour pharmacy right down the street, especially when a little one wakes up in the middle of the night with a fever!
8. Did you know that it is possible, for a small fee, to name a real star after someone? (It's true! Google it!) If someone were to name a star for you, would you appreciate it for its whimsy and romance, or would you say, "Are you kidding me? For $19.95 we could have gone to the movie and actually bought popcorn."
Hmm, that might be kinda cool. Definitely something to talk about when you’re stumped for a conversation starter.
This question comes from Paula at His Ways Are Not Our Ways.9. What's the craziest thing you've ever been doing and texted during it? I only thought of this b/c I was about to try to text during my walking video but I didn't.
I can’t stand texting!
10. "It's not a party unless _______."
Four elements: good friends, good beer, good food, and good music! Any time, location, or reason (or no reason) will do!
11. When you're stuck in traffic or a waiting room, what do you do to pass the time? PS: There are no magazines available.
List blog ideas, list scrapbook ideas, make a grocery list (I’m a list person), balance my checkbook, listen to my MP3 player.
12. If you weren't yourself, would you be friends with you?
I think so. I gravitate towards crafty or creative people who like to read and have an interesting sense of humor. I like to think of myself like that!


  1. List blog ideas made me smile. Now that is efficient!

  2. I'm amazed at all the non-texters. Feeling very techie since I text alot and I never feel techie about anything : ) My husband and I have running conversations by text throughout the day which is kinda fun.
    Enjoyed reading your answers...have a great day!

  3. Interesting answers! Enjoyed reading them.

  4. So, a long time ago you sent out an email that you had a blog. I took note, but didn't really do anything about it because I didn't read blogs & didn't have one. And I forgot about yours. So I'm going through the linky list reading responses & there you were! I thought "I know her! What's she doing here?" You know my Monday post? I'm still not very fast LOL.

  5. It's surprising how many English teachers have made the cut for #1 :-) I saw a really hideous purple dress today and snapped a photo for my collection of really hideous dresses (I'm going to make a calendar once I've found 12 of them). lol I'm with you on #9. What happened to good old telephone calls?!

  6. Yeah! Someone else who likes purple :)

  7. Finally-someone else might compose a blog post while waiting, like me!

    Loved your answers, esp. the pivotal moment one.

    Have a great weekend. Hope you can play again next week.


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