Sunday, February 2, 2020

Who's On Your Team?

So, there's a football game today! Which got me thinking about teamwork and our message from church a couple of weeks ago. And love, and family. Bear with me, they all mesh, I promise. It's what I do. 

Being part of a team is definitely a bonus when you're trying to win. In any area of your life- parenting, your job, friendships- having a strong, cohesive team can be the deciding factor in how you feel when you get up to face the day. Despite setbacks and minor losses (and we ALL have them), knowing you're not going it alone can help lend strength, tenacity, and problem-solving creativity.

When you think about the bigger picture of life, this is especially true! You want to be surrounded by people who:
  • have a shared vision of "winning" or what the end game might look like
  • elevate you and challenge you to be your best self
  • compliment your weak areas
  • are reliable and someone you can count on
  • are a fan of you! 

Let's get real, these people may or may not be your family. For me, my team consists of the people I choose to surround myself with. If I consider you family, you better believe there is a fierce love and loyalty there! 

In Of Mess and Moxie, author Jen Hatmaker refers to love as a way of listening to another person's story, perspective, pain, or experience without judgement. Love is a way of breaking down barriers and truly making another feel welcomed. 

If, as the author claims, "isolation concentrates every struggle", then a handy solution would be found in true teamwork. Think about your worst day at work, or a regrettable parenting memory. Were your burdens eased at all by venting to a trusted co-worker, calling a close momma friend, or the arrival of your co-parent? Even just sharing our struggles with someone close to us can lift stress and help us find solutions we'd otherwise be unable to see on our own. 

Humans weren't made to exist in a vacuum. If you look around, you'll find you probably already belong to several "teams", some you may or may not consider family. And the even better news is that, as social creatures, we have the ability to seek new connections, or teams, or repair ones that need strengthening. Love can do that, too. 

One of my longest-playing teams is that of my college girlfriends. I think we're closing in on 25 years now! This is definitely a team-family-tribe that I cherish, and we all rely on in various ways. I have a great team at work, and other teams I'm working to build as a single mom. My kids and I even make a team (some days)- ha! 

I challenge you to think of all the teams you play on, your role, and how well the team characteristics fit. Is there room for improvement? Is there a need in your life that could be better met by a new team? 


  1. I like watching the live broadcast of nbl very exciting.right?

  2. As you said, we all have a team to make anything functional. At home, it’s a team of my kids and husband, whereas at my work, my team is my colleagues, and my loved ones surround my social life. Yes, you cannot exist as single, because you would need an inevitable push or motivation from someone when you feel down. It was great reading your post, Bekah!!

  3. Teamwork is very important for any task. Thanks for the winning tips offered with the help of effective teamwork. I must work on my weak areas and try to come out with positive things. In my Music institute in Coimbatore, we used to work as a team when participating in competitions.

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